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Frequently Asked Questions.

How can you offer rates this low?

That’s a fair question. Why would America’s leading shipping providers offer such deep discounts through Discount Shipping Club, but not go after small business directly?

Well, let’s talk about domestic express as an example.

Let’s say you’re a customer that ships fifty 2nd-Day Air packages per week. That’s a decent amount, but not enough for parcel providers to fight over your business by offering their deepest discounts.

But, what if there were hundreds of small businesses, just like yours, all shipping 50 packages per week under a single name? Suddenly, your small business has the same buying power as a Fortune 500 company. That’s the Discount Shipping Club.

You do the shipping and we handle all the administrative details plus provide exemplary service for our members.

That’s the secret sauce. Make it easy for the parcel providers get access to great businesses like yours and you get deeply discounted shipping rates.

If there is a catch it’s that Discount Shipping Club is asked to provide our members with outstanding sales and service support. This eliminates the need for our provider to wrangle any cats on their end, which we’re more than happy to do.

But we didn’t stop there. Once you become a member you will be introduced to a host of benefits well beyond your new shipping rates.

How is my discount calculated?

Individual discounts are calculated using an algorithm that factors in your current shipping volume and transport methods (ground, air, overnight, international, etc) as well as some qualitative adjustments.

For companies unable to provide any current shipping data we offer our minimum discount of around 10% off retail and increase the discount once we’re able to establish your average shipping metrics.

What are the criteria for membership?

We use three criteria to determine whether your small/medium sized business is eligible for our service:

1) Is your primary shipping service currently UPS, DHL, or USPS?

2) Do you ship between 10 and 500 packages per week?

3) Will your business make a positive addition to the club?

If yes to these three questions, you’re in. Easy as that.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Absolutely not. Membership is 100% free. This gives you access to our webship portal with all of its features plus the ability to input an unlimited number of shipping labels manually or import from spreadsheets.

The only cost you might incur is a pass-through cost for additional online shopping cart and eCommerce integrations. The monthly rates are listed below and are not marked up in any way:

1 shopping cart integration and import up to 10 orders (FREE) 

1 shopping cart integration and import up to 500 orders ($25/mo)

5 shopping cart integrations and import up to 3,000 orders ($60/mo)

Unlimited shopping cart integrations and import unlimited orders ($145/mo)

How Much Do I Need to Ship to Qualify?

Ideally we work with anybody who ships between 10 and 500 packages a week but reach out to us if you ship less (or more) and we’ll see if we can qualify you.

What Are The Membership Fees?

Your contribution is your discounted shipping bill. That’s it. We have no hidden ‘service fees’ or other nonsense like that. It’s the collective buying power of all of our members that allow us to offer such crazy discounts on shipping. So all we ask is that you continue to save tons of money on your shipping. And, give us a call if you need anything. 

What If I Already Get a Great Deal with UPS?

If you already get impossibly great rates with UPS, but want to use DSC for some of our other services like LTL shipping or discounted international shipping with DHL. That’s fantastic. We can port over your UPS account with your existing rates into our web portal and you can manage everything from one place.  

Can You Help with My ETSY or EBAY Store?

Absolutley. Our webship portal has easy integraitons for Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and many other ecommerce platforms. Once you become a member, it will take about 17-seconds to connect your ETSY or eBay store to the webship platform and from there you’ll be able to print labels, generate estimates, track packages, and a whole lot more. 

Can You Help Me Get Set Up?

Sure thing. Our webship portal is set up with step-by-step instructional videos, but if you’d prefer a more human approach we have a US-based tech support team that would be more than happy to get you going! 

Can I Give You A Hug?

We know. It’s great to save big on shipping! While we can’t embrace in person, we’d love to embrace your business and get you saving money right away. Just fill out our quick, GET STARTED! form and you’ll be saving in no time. No credit card required. 

Why Overpay for Shipping?

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