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The Best Kept Secret in Shipping. Period!

America’s #1 Small Business Shipping Service for:
International, Express, and Ground
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How It Works

Savings Made Simple. 

“…the best-kept secret in shipping. Period.”

-Ryan Stauffer, Founder | Levrack

“Game changing! Hands down the cheapest shipping rates we’ve seen anywhere.” 

-Ryan Tsui, President | Aircom

Want the secret to getting the lowest shipping rates?

After 20+ years in the shipping business, trying to get the best rates for everyone from huge corporations to small eBay businesses, we realized there’s only one thing that guarantees you get the best shipping rates: volume.

Unfortunately, this means there’s no way for small businesses shipping under 500 packages a week to compete on price with huge corporations enjoying their massive volume discounts.

Until now.

Discount Shipping Club offers eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and other online sellers and small business owners access to the same exclusive discounts once offered only to Fortune 500 companies.

When you become a member of The Club you join an alliance of thousands of like-minded shippers from all over the world whose collective buying power allows our team to negotiate those same incredible discounts for your small business.

Strength in Numbers

Discount Shipping Club has obtained these massive shipping discounts with the top parcel carriers based on our collective buying power.

Our members enjoy ridiculous, custom-procured rates on international shipping, domestic express, ground, and more.

To prove it, our pitch is simple: If we can’t beat your current rates by at least 20 percent, we haven’t earned your business. If we can, we’ll offer a free lifetime membership and guarantee your discounts. 

Our mission is to see online sellers and small business shippers thrive by providing the most knowledgeable shipping consultants trained to negotiate on your behalf, the latest cloud-based shipping platforms, and the best rates that will allow your business to compete with anyone in the market.

Did Someone Call for a Shipping Superhero?

Our super-power is cutting through the bull to get you the best rates!
When you become a member of Discount Shipping Club what you see is what you get. The market is full of businesses promising big discounts, but how many of them really deliver?

When you join The Club our shipping consultants put on their capes and cut through all the B.S. to get you the best rates and the right services.

We don’t rely on generic shipping calculators to find you rates, we interface with our carriers directly to procure custom pricing on your behalf.

Best of all, all of our members get direct, custom-discounted accounts with carriers – no middlemen or intermediaries.

Membership also remains free from the time you join until the cows come home. We don’t do hidden fees, reduce your discounts, or offer a ‘free trial’ then start charging.

How Much Do Members Save?

A ship-ton of $$$.
We’re confident that our rates are going to crush anything that you’ve ever seen before. So we stand by our promise to beat your current rates by 20% or more – or we won’t waste your time.

To calculate your exact rates, we have a team of expert shipping consultants with offices in Omaha, NE and Nashville, TN who will first make sure you’re using the right shipping services for your product, and then work with our carriers to get you deep, Fortune 100 level discounts.

All our team needs is a little information on what you ship and how often. They go to work for you and come back with a guaranteed discount rate – then you decide if you want to sign up for a free membership and start shipping.

All we need is 48 hours to beat your current rates by 20% or more and we’ll send you an invite sign up for our 100% free membership and start shipping.

Put us to the test and never worry about shipping again.

Why Overpay for Shipping?

Let Our Team of Experts Go to Work for You.

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Discount Shipping Club
We're a mission-driven organization helping small businesses owners thrive in their personal and professional lives by offering access to discounted shipping rates, vetted services, and a community of like-minded professionals.

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